Our Vision

Mission statement: 

Venus Training Limited envisions itself as an independent centre for further and higher learning so as to make education and learning a stimulating and exciting experience. The organisation is committed to enhance education consistent with the expectations and needs of its students who seek its services so as to widen the depth of their knowledge.


Venus Training Limited aims to provide services in the field of education and learning. It firmly envisages that such services would entail a continuous process, requiring progressive efforts of training and re-training so as to enable all its students to catch up with the challenges of global changes shaping up in the new millennium.  In terms of its vision, it seeks precisely to promote quality education, based on planning, development and delivery of all its learning programmes. In order to accomplish such a vision, Venus Training Limited adheres to certain core principles and policies, endeavouring to pursue them through the guiding frameworks and quality of courses of the relevant awarding bodies.

The core principles on which Venus Training Limited operates include:

  • Provide quality education at an affordable price;
  • Seek accreditation from the relevant statutory bodies and awarding bodies and work towards developing links and partnerships with other institutions of learning;
  • Recruit qualified teaching and administrative staff;
  • Satisfy the needs of the awarding bodies;
  • Anticipate, understand, and respond to the functional needs of the students in the field of education;
  • Be fully aware of any updates of the duties as a sponsoring student and be fully compliant with UKBA regulations;
  • Monitor constantly the quality of services offered.


We are committed to be fair, open and honest with everybody. We offer impartial, straightforward advice and we do not promise more than we can deliver.


We hold academic and professional accreditations where appropriate, we offer an unmatched range of understanding of Visa processing and its requirements.


We advise on what our team can deliver. We communicate regularly and plainly with our students and each other to set realistic expectations. We always keep what we promise.