About Us

Centre Overview

The Centre is dedicated to providing competency-based education that will enable students to attain skills demanded by potential employers. The Centre will provide a student-centre learning environment. Our teaching methodologies are flexible and accommodating for international students throughout the globe, with a welcoming approach and effective teaching models of the highest standard.

The Centre intends to offer a range of professional courses to ensure that students are well-equipped in their chosen field, enabling them to achieve their individual career goals. Extensive applied research will ensure that up-to-date developments in Industry, Commerce and the Public Sectors are incorporated into our courses.

Our professional and approachable members of staff have extensive experience with supporting students in such a way that they learn effectively towards realising their ambitions and abilities.

We believe in the highest quality education for our students and look forward to the future potential of our graduates. Together, through our students, we look to inspire those in search of academic excellence and we hope that you will join us in our quest for success and prosperity.